Hello there. You seem to have stumbled upon my personal blog/journal, Soar On the Wings of Eagles.

Here are a few things you may not know about me:

  • First and foremost, I have accepted that Jesus Christ is my personal savior and I try each day to follow in His footsteps, although I fail him so.
  • I am married to my high school sweetheart; together we have a five year old son.
  • I hold an Associates in Applied Sciences degree, with a focus in Computer Information Technology.
  • I struggle with anxiety and depression. After a good deal of prayer, I have resorted to medication. It’s a work in progress.
  • I created this blog as an alternate form of therapy. Though seemingly anonymous, it may be.
  • I do enjoy writing, but in no way do I consider myself a “writer.”
  • I once had the idea to write a book. I have written just a few pieces and parts, which I may someday share.
  • I am a fandom-following nerd. For the sake of keeping your interest, I will not list every single one here currently.
  • I really want to dye/highlight my hair plum.
  • I will admit that I can be a bit of a whiny brat at times. But, after all, this is pretty much my journal. I am allowed to whine. I will simply do so with literary class.
  • I have been ice skating one time in my life and I loved it. I would like to go again.
  • I think book stores smell amazing. Why can’t they make a book store scented air freshener?
  • I’ll take my coffee just about any way: iced/hot, with/without sugar/cream, even lukewarm.
  • I like to use parentheses in my writing (perhaps more than necessary).

Thank you for reading!


“I will soar on the wings of eagles,
I will learn to fly high above this world
I tremble with this heavy weight
And I’m buried underneath my grief
I’ll run to You and not grow feint.”



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