I can’t be…

  • That person who has it all together
  • That person who seems to have it all together
  • A miracle worker
  • The perfect mother with a perfect angelic child
  • That crafty chick who has the time to sew cute little things
  • A rocket scientist
  • An acrobat in the circus (I am afraid of heights)
  • A Pulitzer Prize winning author
  • That woman with the spotless house/car/wardrobe/office/etc.
  • A culinary chef
  • Rich and famous
  • Perfect

But, that’s okay. I can just be me. I can be who God created me to be. Sometimes I may not know who I am or why exactly I’m here. I just keep on keeping on. I gotta just keep swimming. I have to do what I know is right, regardless of pressure from others.

It is better to try and fail than to never try at all. Mistakes help us learn and grow.


On a side note, we have lost another incredibly talented person here on this planet. R.I.P. Harper Lee. Thank you for giving us a book that we can read countless times and never grow sick of.


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