Not My Day

This post was supposed to be published yesterday. But, I didn’t finish it before I decided I was so tired that I wanted to go to bed. Sorry, you’re going to have to pretend like it’s Monday again.


I interrupt this blog to bring you a rant about the frustrating and stressful Monday that I have had. The first Monday of the New Year. Not getting off to a good start…

Somewhere around 7:30AM: I decided I was just not going to make it at work and that I needed to see a doctor to get this sore throat and cough checked out. 1) because I needed to rule out strep and 2) because I wanted to start taking some medicine before this thing got any worse. So. I dropped the kid off with great-grandma, made a call to my boss (who seemed perfectly fine with me not coming in and potentially contaminating all four people in the office), and headed to the Urgent Care.

At a little after 8:00AM: I am waiting on results of a strep and flu test while the P.A. does the usual checking of the ears, nose, throat, and lungs. Diagnosis: infection of the left ear. Good news is no strep or flu. Prescription: antibiotics, Prednisone, Tessalon Perles (for cough), and a nasal spray refill.

Another infection? Really? This would make the third round of antibiotics and second round of the Predisone I have been on in the past three months. This ear has apparently decided that it no longer likes me. Not sure whether or not I have previously mentioned the painfully swollen lymph node on the back of that ear a few weeks ago…

Nonetheless, I am back to where I started at this time last year. These frequent infections have got to stop. I have an appointment with the ear, nose, and throat doc next week so hopefully he can figure this thing out.

(I have been told by other doctors that I am a complicated woman. Not exactly the most encouraging thing I want to hear from my medical providers.)

8:30AM: I left Urgent Care and headed to Walmart to pick up some more probiotic to try and keep my gut from going too crazy and to basically kill some time until Walgreen’s had my prescriptions ready. At that point, I wasn’t feeling too terrible and while I was there I picked up a baby shower gift for someone at our church and even debated heading in to work for the rest of the day.

8:50-9:00AM: I headed to Sonic for a Java Chiller and some Cinnasnacks. Apparently they don’t sell the Java Chiller anymore, but the guy that was working there said he could still make it for me. Hey, works for me. So I left Sonic and headed down the street to Walgreen’s.

Halfway there–I went to take a sip of my frozen coffee beverage but when I lifted it out of the cup holder, I apparently grasped it by the dome-shaped plastic lid because the whole lid came off and ice cream and coffee spilled all over the cup holder, into the unused clean ashtray (because I drive a ’96 Explorer from back in the day when cars still included ashtrays), and into the carpet between the console and driver’s seat and in the floor. In my attempt to prevent more from spilling, I nearly ran off the road (whoopsie). I was able to pull into Walgreen’s and park and I started pulling napkins out to soak up all the mess. At that point, my frustration was just beginning, but I still did not feel like trying to clean ice cream and coffee out of my carpet. So…the napkins are still there. And my car smells like caramel and coffee, which isn’t such a bad thing after all. I shrugged that off. No big deal.

Fifteen minutes later: I pulled up to the drive-thru at Walgreen’s to pick up my prescriptions and apparently the medications weren’t clearing with the insurance company. They hadn’t sent me a new card for the new year either, so now what?

I then remembered that I could go online and print a temporary card. But that meant I had to go all the way home to sign into the web site and then head to the library to print the card. Oh, wait. There’s a library just a mile from Walgreen’s! Duh! But then I remembered that I had lost my library card in the car. Drat! So I ended up standing outside the car anyways while digging underneath the seat until I (thankfully) found it.

9:15AM (?): At this point, I don’t remember how long each task took, so I am pretty much guessing at time here.

I walked into the library and logged on to a computer. Step 1) send an e-mail to the staffing agency that I am employed through to let them know my time sheet would be late and that I was out sick. This seemed like the logical thing to do until I logged into my Google account and remembered I had set two-step verification and needed my phone to get the code to log in; the phone was in my car and I didn’t care to walk all the way back there and get it.

Step 2) log into the insurance member portal and print a temporary card. Unfortunately, the web site was experiencing some technical difficulties and I was unable to log in. You really should have seen me trying to resist screaming at the computer. So I logged out and left.

9:30AM: I decided to head home and try to continue logging into the site so that I could print the card to a file onto a USB drive and head to the local library to print it. Thirty minutes (and some sheer frustration) later, I finally got logged into the site and was all ready to print the card. For some reason, print to file was not working. I hurriedly put on my shoes and my hoodie and grabbed my keys and wallet and whatnot and headed to the library, praying that I would still be able to get into the site once I got there.

10:00AM: Logged into the library computer. Logged into the site. Printed the card. Chatted with a couple of friends, one of which gave me a hug after she heard about the rough morning I was having. I left the library and nearly jumped with joy at finally having the temporary insurance card in hand. The Explorer and I headed back to Walgreen’s.

10:30AM (give or take): I presented the temporary card to the pharmacy technician. At first glance, she was unsure that we still had prescription drug coverage because the Subscriber ID had changed and no longer included the letter W as was typical of ID’s that corresponded to prescription coverage. She was trying to look it up in the system, but was unable to access it.

Apparently my insurance company has made some changes to their Subscriber ID’s and cards for this year and they have been having some technical difficulties. Go figure.

10:45AM: Back at Walmart to pick up something that I had forgotten to pick up at my first trip there and to kill some more time while waiting for the pharmacy tech. to call me back. She was attempting to contact the insurance company for me. Otherwise, my medications would cost well over $100. So not affordable right now.

11:15AM–okay, I KNOW my sense of time is way off because in reality, it was already past noon. I’m too lazy to go back and fix this. Just know that it took me all morning to deal with this crazy mess…

Sooo….around 12:15PM: I headed back to Walgreen’s. Long story short–I picked up my meds in the drive-thru and they only cost me about $43. And only because the insurance company was not currently sending a price back for one of the medications. Still much, much better than what it would have cost without the insurance.

By this time, I was tired, frustrated, and was really starting to feel like someone had hit me with a car. I stopped at Arby’s on the way home and picked up a couple of jalapeno roast beef sliders and a large tea.

As soon as I ate, I laid down. I was too tired to get up and close the blinds; I just pulled the blanket over my head to block out the light. My phone rang: I looked at it and saw that it was my therapist’s office calling to remind me of my next appointment; I let the voice mail take it. My phone started beeping to let me know that it was dying; I ignored it.

Sometime around 1:30-1:45PM: I finally fell asleep. And, boy, was I tired! When I woke up, it was 3:30. But the nap really seemed to do the trick. No longer was I frustrated about my “eventful” morning. I felt somewhat refreshed, however I did have to resist the urge to turn back over and go back to sleep. I left the house to go rescue great-grandparents from my little monster 5-year-old only to find him standing in the kitchen with “Mamaw” making mashed potatoes.


So, there you have it. That was my Monday.

I would love to say that my Tuesday was so much better, but there was still plenty of frustration throughout the day.

And also, it is 11:39PM and I’m still awake with an upset stomach thanks to antibiotics (Augmenten–to be specific–which is a particularly strong one). Yes, I’ve been taking probiotics. Yes, I am taking it with food. Not to purposefully sound gross or anything, I really have had some issues with my digestive health over the past several months and quickly flip-flop from one extreme to the other–if you get what I mean. These antibiotics are really wreaking havoc on my gut. I’ve had so many over the past few months, that can’t be good for me either.

So, I am going to also work on cutting out the crap and eating healthier. Which I did start today by ordering a grilled chicken sandwich (no mayo, of course) and substituting a side salad for french fries. Baby steps.

Just keep taking step after step until you get there.


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