New Year, New Goals


Image from Pusheen the cat

Here it comes, folks. You are about to read yet another cliche “New Year, New Me” post. You know the sort–the ones you see on literally every social media platform imaginable. (Then you roll your eyes when those very same people come back three weeks later and post about breaking those “resolutions.”)

Anyways, I have been working with my therapist on setting some goals. I haven’t really been one to set them because eventually, I didn’t see the point; I rarely ever accomplished them. It came to the point where it was difficult for me to set goals, let alone keep them.

So here are a few goals my therapist and I came up with together and some ways I can work towards accomplishing them:

  1. Clean up the home – break it into smaller, more manageable tasks (I’ve been really bad to write everything down in one big master to-do list and then immediately get overwhelmed at all of the items on the list and have trouble finding where best to start.)
  2. Eat healthier – I have gained about 30 pounds in just a few short months, and that really upsets me in more ways than one. I’ve realized that my latest eating habits have a lot to do with this weight gain, so I’ve got to get this under control. To do this, I’m going to start packing my lunch as often as I can and therefore limit the number of days I am eating out (McDonald’s, Taco Bell, Sonic, etc.) Also, I’m going to give myself an allowance (perhaps $20 per week) and keep it in cash so that I am also spending less.
  3. Exercise more – Maybe this one should really just say exercise, because it’s hard to do more of something you don’t do in the first place. I plan on trying to hit the park during my lunch hour instead of sitting in my car or going to Walmart (and spending more money). Unless of course it’s butt freezing or soggy wet outside. I am also going to try looking up exercise videos and yoga on YouTube…at least two days per week, to begin with.
  4. Deciding on having another child – This goal isn’t exactly completely up to me as obviously my husband must be involved for this to happen. But as discussed in my last post, this is a real possibility. It also requires the greatest deal of work to accomplish (if we so choose to): getting finances together, me getting off all of this medication, getting my anxiety under control, and really this next goal would ideally happen first…
  5. Get out of income-based housing – This one isn’t so much a goal as it is a must. With my new full time job and our lease coming up for renew sometime around March, it is pretty likely that we will either a) be very close to the income limit for these apartments or b) end up paying way more for our rent than this place is worth. Honestly, I think option ‘b’ is pretty likely altogether as I’m starting to feel now that we’re paying way too much when we could probably find a single-wide trailer with a yard, more privacy, well water, etc. for a small sum more. Again, this requires getting finances in order. Which is going to be a biggie as we’re basically living paycheck-to-paycheck and trying to pay off medical bills. (That rant is for another time, however.)
  6. Learn decision making skills – This is another biggie for me, personally. Anxiety makes it very, very difficult for me to make decisions. But, my therapist aims to work with me on learning decision making skills so that I become more confident in myself and the decisions I do make. Which would, again, hopefully help cut down some anxiety. And if I cut some anxiety, I should be able to lower or cut the meds and when BOTH of those things happen, maybe we can think about having another baby…for real. (See how my train of thought keeps going and going…kind of like the Energizer bunny…)

Visiting a therapist each week does require me to take the time to complete some small assignments and really reflect on things we discussed during my sessions.

But I really have a good feeling about this. I really think I’m headed in the new direction for this new year.

This year has sure been a doozy! My son had an emergency appendectomy back in March, had a seizure, rode in an ambulance to the hospital, and was diagnosed with asthma. My husband had surgery. I visited doctors much more than I got to visit the majority of my family. I lost a part time job that I loved. I gained a full time job that honestly just stresses me out. The transmission in my husband’s car went out. Should I even continue?

But here we are on the last day of 2015…AND WE MADE IT. And you made it. Remember that. God helped us through everything that went wrong. He was with us when everything went right. And rest assured, he will be with us again in the coming year…

See you next year!


Image from Pusheen the cat


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