Breathe, just breathe

God made the human body a truly remarkable thing. We don’t have to will our hearts to beat or our lungs to breathe: they just work. Imagine if we had to stop whatever we were doing and tell our body to breathe…

Admit it. Sometimes you need that reminder just as much as I have lately.

In the chaos, we lose control, we lose our focus, sight of our goals… we forget to stop and just breathe.

Inhale once through your nose. Now exhale out of your mouth. Lay down on your back and do it again. Watch your stomach rise and fall as you breathe. Lay your hand across your chest to feel your lungs fill and then empty as you breathe in and out.

It is quite remarkable and reassuring that God continues to speak to His people. After all, we serve a risen Lord. He takes care of us. And just the other day, he sent me this very same reminder in the form of a song playing on the radio. I was headed back to work either from lunch break or a doctor’s appointment (whichever one, I do not remember–it was probably supposed to be lunch break, but was serving as a doctor’s appointment instead). I was waiting at the stoplight barely even a block away from my office when I hear:

Alarm clock screaming bare feet hit the floor
It’s off to the races everybody out the door”

Seriously. Have you listened to the lyrics of this song? How does this describe our society as a whole? We’re always in a hurry. Everything is chaotic. Some of us let stress get to us way too easily. And God wants to tell us that it’s okay. All we have to do is breathe.

How many of you need to hear this simple reminder, too?



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