Been a little while…

It has been a little while since my last update. One week and one day, to be exact. Please pardon my sad excuse for a post title. I cannot think of any other way to describe it.

Basically, this is an update. It’s for you, if you care to read it. It is also for me. I do go back and read my posts sometimes.

I can pretty much describe this past week in two words: stressful and painful.

Stressful mainly because work has been crazy. Major network problems has had everyone on edge. While I do not quite deal with that side of the IT department just yet, it’s easy to me to detect the sheer frustration emanating from the room around me.

Besides that, I find myself feeling overwhelmed. Many times I have described this experience as being thrown into a lake with no knowledge of how to swim. That still applies…more perfectly than ever. But I will not delve to deeply into any of that.

For the most part, this week has been physically painful. A trip to the doctor’s office on Monday warranted antibiotics for an infection in my right ear. But the main cause of my pain over the past few weeks has been my TMJ/TMD (or whatever you want to call it…)

Previously, I wrote a post documenting my brief encounter with a diagnosis of a Tempromandibular Joint Disorder. So if this concept is new to you (as it was to me previous to my diagnosis), I suggest you start there to read what happened leading up to the first appointment I had with the Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist who diagnosed me.

The symptoms began to diminish around a month into treatment, once we finally ruled out sinusitis and found “the right” medication. Lately, however, the symptoms have started coming back nearly every day.

I am honestly not trying to sound whiny in this post. I will describe what I’ve been feeling now for a few weeks…

It started with the migraines. The migraines returned and they lasted longer than before. One even lasted four days. Nothing would diminish the pain. I was taking pill after pill trying to make it cease, but the pain and the corresponding sensitivity to light and sound would not go away.

Eventually the migraines turned into a daily dull ache that seemed to rest between my eyes. Eventually the ache moved to my jaws and my ears. The ache moved down the bridge of my nose. My whole face just aches. It has been so bad that every breath I take in feels like someone is pinching my nose. My ears pop, crackle, and ring. Opening my mouth too wide while eating, singing, or shouting is too much of a chore. Every time I open my mouth it feels like I am using more muscles than is necessary, if that makes any sense.

Truthfully I do not know how else to describe it besides saying that my whole face just plain hurts.

Tomorrow I will see the ENT specialist for the first time in a few months. Not sure where we will go next as far as my treatment. The specialist that I was originally seeing (at the same office) has moved to an express care facility so I’ll be seeing the main doctor at the clinic. I’ve heard good things about him.

God, please let me get this under control. It’s harder to concentrate on the things that really need my attention when nearly everything from the neck up hurts.



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