Lately, I have been having some very strange dreams. I don’t always remember the entirety of the dreams, but I can sometimes remember bits and pieces or a very vague, general plot of the entire dream.

For example, the other night, I dreamed that I had some sort of mental disorder that caused me to think I was a cat.

I remember having very strange dreams when I was pregnant with my child. It is common for pregnant women to have strange dreams, due to the increase of hormones and whatnot during pregnancy. I remember that several of the dreams were rather terrifying: one being of my house being invaded by several spiders of varying (some gigantic) sizes and another of the entire town burning to the ground. Like I said, terrifying.

During the day, I find myself dwelling on these dreams. I know that dreams are not to be taken literally and indicate a hidden meaning to something in your waking life. I want so desperately to remember each dream. I cannot bring myself to keep a dream journal and write as soon as I wake up. I can barely function enough in the morning as is without adding another step to my morning routine. Sometimes I wake in the middle of the night for long enough to wonder what the dream was about before I fall back asleep.

Apparently this is another symptom of depression or anxiety.

My brain is so busy recreating all of my emotions at night that it is nearly impossible for me to sleep peacefully. No wonder I wake still feeling exhausted!

How terrible is it to have all these emotions during the day and still have difficulty finding peace while sleeping.


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