Blessings and Amazing Grace

Last night as I finally sat down at my laptop after a long day, I began to write a new post (the first since last week) sharing some of the things that have been going on over the past week. I saved the draft before I was even halfway through and ended up going to bed instead. Something told me not to finish that post just yet. A voice in the back of my mind said that I would have something more worthwhile to say than a bunch of jumbled jargon that probably wouldn’t make much sense anyways.

I’m so glad I listened to that voice. Tonight I have a different sort of experience to share.

While the past week has been rough due to my husband’s surgery, him being out of work and recovering, myself out of work a couple of days, and a visit to the gastroenterologist, it really is true that the Light shines even brighter in the dark.

We have been so incredibly blessed by the overwhelming support. Where I have been posting updates to my Facebook account, friends and family have either Liked the post allowing us to acknowledge their prayers or they have commented their own words of encouragement. We’ve had several phone calls. People have stopped by. My husband’s grandmother has been bringing us food, staying with him during the day, and helping to clean my messy apartment (she even cleaned the fridge…a job that I was even too scared to tackle!). Our pastor was not only waiting for us in the hospital parking lot the morning of the surgery, but he stayed in the waiting room while my husband was in prep, came back into the room with us and said prayer, then stayed with me for about an hour in the waiting room. He brought us food.

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful pastor. When my son was admitted into the hospital for an emergency appendectomy back in March, he was there with us, checking up on us, and praying for us. Last Thursday, as I waited at the local pharmacy for my husband’s prescription, a greeting card caught my eye: the card mentioned something about being a wonderful pastor and a huge blessing (I hate to say it, but I cannot remember exactly what the card said). I added my own handwritten thank you note and included a Walmart gift card inside. It doesn’t have to be Pastor Appreciation Month (which may I mention is in October) to show your pastor how much you appreciate him. Remember that. I only wish I had done so sooner.

It gets even better from here.

Tonight–after missing Sunday morning service–my husband and I were able to make it to adult Bible study. Not only did several people (at least out of the very few that do attend Wednesday night service) speak to us and ask how my husband was feeling, but we had a wonderful surprise. Our Sunday School class has been planning on lining up a few families to bring us supper. Tomorrow night, one family is bringing us homemade barbecue. Saturday night, another family is bringing baked spaghetti. Tuesday night, another family is bringing something else. But honestly, I was so shocked. I had a difficult time bringing it into words how much we appreciate it. Someday I just hope that the opportunity will arise for us to show such kindness and consideration to someone else.

We may not be the best Christians in the world. There has not been a perfect being on this earth in a very, very long time. It is truly such a blessing to have such wonderful, caring people in our lives.

We are so very blessed. Sometimes the going gets rough, so to speak. Sometimes we get caught up in the world and lose touch in the reality. God’s reality. It truly is amazing grace.


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