Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

FORGET “Winter is Coming” (and this is coming from a huge GoT fan). Fall is Coming! I am so excited! I have fought the urge to change my favorite season from spring to fall, but I must say that there’s something truly wonderful about the season of hoodies, fairs and festivals, beautifully colored leaves, and my personal favorite: pumpkin spice.

I felt I needed to take the time to truly appreciate the beauty of this astounding flavor and this beautiful season. I couldn’t possibly attend too many festivals (though I could possibly spend too much money on food while I am there) or eat too many pumpkin spice flavored foods.

I can just taste them now…

Though some of these are admittedly taking it a bit too far… (Yes, I know they’re fake.)

Why on earth do we need our womanly parts to smell like pumpkin spice?

No. Just…no.

Now your pearly whites can be pumpkin fresh!

I love pumpkin spice like the next typical white girl, but these even have me shaking my head!

I’m just gonna sit here and enjoy mu pumpkin spice candy corn…


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